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We at Integrated Platforms think we can solve any problems with connectivity– which has been a problem for many Fortune 500 Companies for many years.  We’ll present you with a simple, yet revolutionary product that has saved some corporations as much as 70 percent on their power, voice and data transmission!

Technological advancements continue to advance workplace functionality. Yet, one thing remains constant – the need for connectivity. So fundamental is the need for power and data accessibility in the workplace that architects, end users and interior designers are increasingly forced to compromise aesthetics to conform their layouts to existing network and power wiring outlets. Current connectivity resources range from the obtrusive, such as power poles,to the expensive, such as poke–through devices and raised access flooring. However, the unifying factor of these systems is their inconvenience – either to design or budget.

Inspired by the recurring challenge of providing clients with data and electrical accessibility, there remains a need to develop a connectivity solution that would be cost efficient while allowing for optimum design flexibility.

Your solution—CONNECTRAC!

Connectrac is designed to work with broad loom carpet or carpet tiles and it’s designed to be used in new construction, renovations or modular furniture reconfigurations.  The slope of our connectrac raceway systems is less than 1:12, as required by the ADA. Of course, in all installations the outlet box or modular furniture power  connection box is located beneath the work surface–not in the walking path.

Connectrac systems are both UL and CSA certified.  Connectrac is  designed to be easily moved and changed as your needs change. The system components are simply unscrewed from the floor slab after the power and data cables are disconnected and reinstalled in their new location.

Our systems can be installed with existing carpet, provided that the carpet and carpet glue are in a condition where a portion of the carpet can be cut and lifted up. Here’s the sequence:

1) Identify where the connectrac system will be installed;

2) Remove about 2 feet of wall base and cut the carpet along the length where the raceway will be installed;

3) Lift up the carpet;

4) Anchor the raceway components to the floor slab;

5) Run the cables (power/voice/data) into the stud wall cavity through a small opening made in the bottom of the wall to a junction box or existing outlet;

6) Reinstall the carpet, gluing it to the tops of the connectrac ramp areas and cutting along the raceway cap. Assuming your carpet can be lifted up, the whole process takes less than 3 hours with an electrician and a carpet installer.

One of the main questions we get is:  Can I connect a Connectrac series to an existing power outlet in our conference room?

A: Yes, you can! Your electrician should verify that there is sufficient capacity in the circuit that serves the outlet first. Then the connectrac conduit can be “fished” up the wall and connected to the bottom of the metal outlet box located inside the wall.

We are pround to have clients such as Dex Donally and Northrop Grumman.  Let us help YOU save up to 70 percent as well!!!

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If you are a Facilities Manager, we need to talk!

Let us introduce ourselves:

INTEGRATED PLATFORMS TECHNOLOGY would like to be your number one source for Green/ Intelligent Building Solutions. We surpass the competition, not only in price but value as well. Whatever you need – WE CAN DO IT! SPEND LESS – KEEP MORE! We are proud to have worked with clients such as Donnally/Dex Yellow pages and Northrop Grumman. We just recently completed an installation Dex/Donnally for their power/data under carpet system in just two days for about a third of the cost of what they were going to pay!

Integrated Platforms is a revolutionary facilities integration company which combines illumination, voice data and power as well as furniture in one convenient package – which in turn instantly cuts costs and drastically reduces your business expenses.

We have created a highly flexible environment that improves occupants comfort, increases productivity — all while reducing energy costs and consumption. We help you save money and bring you the lowest costs and highest savings in the industry. We are proud to be a provider for Corporations such as DEX/DONNALLY and NORTHROP GRUMMAN. Our belief in sustainable development is paramount. All of our products are designed for disassembly and durability which means they are made to be taken apart easily for recycling at the end of their life and they serve our customers longer.


As we go into the 21st Century, for a building to be sustainable and to keep up in this new energy conscious economy there is a new need for a linking system to take advantage of all available technologies. That’s where we come in. We will bring you:

*Multiple interconnected systems*

*Efficiency that affects your bottom line and saves you money*

*More cost effective ways to run your business*

*A full spectrum of innovative technology that expands your business exponentially and all at a drastically cheaper cost than you are paying now.*


Integrated Platforms as a company is new, but is comprised of experienced experts from the modular interior construction industry who came together with a concept of creating a business that really does it right—that means much cheaper than with the traditional models of the past.

The problem up until now has been how to unify all these systems on a strict budget.

We will help you create an intelligent building that integrates technologies to create a facility that is safer, more comfortable and productive for it’s occupants, and more operationally efficient for it’s owners. Advanced technology–combined with improved processes for design, construction and operations all while reducing energy consumption and operations staffing.

Inspired by the recurring challenge of providing clients with Illumination, data, flooring, furniture and electrical accessibility, we came up with a system which can bring the entire package to you. Flexibility is the key to what we are now able to do and we can do it less expensively than you ever thought possible.

If you are a Business Owner — Facilities Manager or End User, visit us today at:

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